Stormwater Mangement

Stormwater Attenuation


Stormwater attenuation means storing rainwater to protect nature and buildings from floods and overflows. In times of heavy rainfall, the soil cannot always absorb all of the stormwater at once, or the pipe system's capacity is overcharged. Later, in times of drought, the water that could not be absorbed is however missing.

Stormwater attenuation systems tackle these problems by collecting excess stormwater in either stormwater boxes or large diameter pipe storage tanks and by keeping it until it is needed or it can be safely discharged.



With a Pipelife Stormbox System you receive a rainwater storage solution that is tailored to suit the soil and precipitation conditions of your individual project. The rest of the Raineo® system collects and conveys the rainwater through line drainages, gullies, manholes, pipes and manifolds towards an underground filter and stormwater cleaning system and finally into the Stormboxes. From there the water can either be released at a controlled rate or reused.

In order to calculate the necessary capacity and design of the Stormbox System, we provide the necessary tools to choose and design your optimal system.

The Pipelife Stormbox

The Pipelife Stormbox is the heart of our Raineo stormwater management solutions. It is a light but sturdy plastic crate, that can be used either for retaining (storing) or infiltrating water. Easily stack to create a big reservoir for water. Depending on the application, the Stormboxes are wrapped in either foil for water storage or geotextiles for slowly infiltrating water into the soil. The Stormboxes are easily connected to the rest of the Raineo System: to pipes, cleaning tanks, manholes or inspection chambers. This way a complex  stormwater management system can be simply built in very short time.

There are two types of stormboxes:

  • Stormbox I: The optimal solution for smaller projects. Boxes are connected with special with clips.
  • Stormbox II: The latest development for bigger projects with more capacity, which can withstand higher weights and which is connected with a push-fit system (no clips).

For more information about the Stormboxes, please see our Download Section or contact our experts.


Stormwater Management

Raineo® – Flood becomes fiction

Pipelife has realized early on, that our changing climate requires a new approach to stormwater management. The Raineo® system prevents both floods and pollution and combines drainage systems with treatment and storage solutions.

Raineo® allows to reuse - Pipelife has committed to sustainability and integrated this aspect in every production step. This includes a long service life, which Pipelife ensures by complying with the highest quality standards, by using virgin raw materials and making inspection fast and simple.

Stormbox cover


Quality Standards and Innovation

Complying with the highest national standards and industrial norms are a matter of course for us at Pipelife. Reliability and consistency in product quality should be the minimum that planners, designers, contractors and clients can expect from pipe producers.

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Pipelife Raineo

The Rainwater Management System

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Pipelife Videos: A film is worth 1000 pictures

Watch our installation videos which we provide for many products and for jointing methods. Check out our Youtube Channel.

News and Reference Projects

Raineo: Stormwater Management Solutions wrapped in one word

Our cities are growing in population and size, climate is changing, and water is becoming scarce. We are forced to find solutions that keep our communities safe and that ensure the wellbeing also for future generations. In this article we take a closer look at the situation in Poland and which water related issues we can solve with efficient stormwater management – not only in Poland but in all countries facing similar problems

Stormwater Management

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